As a child, I experienced ultimate growing pains to say the very least. Becoming a young adult woman was an even more challenging experience. Becoming a mother was rewarding, becoming famous was sweet and sour, but nothing holds a candle to me being gifted the opportunity to be reborn, redeemed, and accepted into The Creator's Royal Family. Being a daughter of The Most High has done more than change my life...it's given me life. 

Though I walk in power and heavenly authority now, I wish I knew earlier in my life what I know now. You see, spiritual warfare is something preachers speak about like it's something out of a Harry Potter movie, but they never really break down what it looks like, what it feels like, or even what it is.

This is where my debut book series, which also happens to be a memoir of my life, comes into place. I'm baring all nakedness in the name of introducing those who are open to The Creator and to the adversary. Many believe in neither of them. Many can't recognize them, don't acknowledge them, and don't understand how they work. 

My prayer is that this raw and candid look inside of my very complex life gives you the insight you need to better understand and witness spiritual warfare in all its tactics, dynamics, and consequences. God Bless.


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