Updated: Jun 4

Hi! I'm ASE. That's pronounced (ace), but with an 's'. I'm formerly known as La'Porsha Renae, the 'American Idol girl'. That's what people call me when they see me in public. Anyway, welcome to my diary! I've recently embarked on a liberating, new adventure through writing. I'm an author now! That's crazy because I've never gone to college and sucked in English, yet, here I am.

I've decided to start an online diary because my everyday life is far from typical, even though I'm an introvert. If you're familiar with me, you're probably asking, "How is an introvert a famous American Idol singer?" Well, let me tell you a secret. All I saw were the lights! No faces, no people, no expressions. Just lights. Performing in front of an arena full of people is exhilarating to me, but intimate settings scare the heck out of me!

Enough about that. Let's dive right in. When I was a kid, I began collecting journals. I don't mean 2 or 3. I own well over 70 journals; some new but many with unique entries about my family, my life, and my faith. Journaling was more of an escape for me than singing! I don't know... it's something about writing that brings me peace. Singing caresses my ear, but scribing comforts my soul. I've even counseled myself out of depression.

What about you? What comforts you when you're at your lowest? Maybe you can help me not to waste so much paper! LOL

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