THE BATTLE SERIES (A 7-book memoir)


     La'Porsha Mays was born July 28, 1993, to Carolyn and Edward Mays at King Daughter's hospital in Greenville, MS. She has 3 older brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 younger sister. Mays was raised in Raceland, LA for most of her childhood, but spent her teen years near the capital of Mississippi. She graduated from McComb High School in 2011 and married an Airman of the U.S. Airforce, becoming La'Porsha Jennings.

     Her marriage ended almost tragically after her ex-husband attempted to end her life shortly after she'd given birth to her daughter in 2015. Jennings built up the strength to fight for her and her daughter's freedom, and through a whirlwind of divine intervention, landed on the singing competition tv show American Idol for the 'Farewell Season', becoming La'Porsha Renae.

     Renae landed a recording contract with Motown Records and released a debut album 'Already All Ready' and a hit single 'Good Woman' that topped Billboard charts at #6. She's gone on to tour with amazing artists like Fantasia, Charlie Wilson, and Anthony Hamilton. Through becoming a household name, recording, and performing artist, a domestic violence advocate and survivor, a mother and an author, Renae has been reborn a redeemed woman of God who is now called ASE.

     ASE has decided to share her compelling testament of various battles and her journey of faith by creating a memoir series that allows readers to travel through her mind, her heart, and the depths of her soul. This voyage of detailed and revealing testimony includes accounts of her personal life and personal deaths, some of which even her closest relatives have never known. Prepare to embark on an experience that will change your life...FOREVER.

Meet Me On The Battlefield



This is book #1 of the extraordinary Battle Series memoir by A.S.E. Inside, you'll discover the upbringing of ASE through the eyes and mind of her younger self. This amazing account of her childhood will draw laughter, tears, and shocked gasps from even the harshest of critics.

Dive right into the depths of ASE's waters if you dare. This will be an experience you will not want to miss or put off too long. The spiritual and mental benefits of witnessing ASE's spiritual journey to self-love and self-discovery are astronomical to souls seeking depth and clarity about the identities and intentions of The Creator and His ultimate enemy, the adversary. Don't wait! Start the journey TODAY!!!

Trained On The Battlefield


Crowned On The Battlefield


Crucified On The Battlefield


Awakened Below The Battlefield


Called From The Battlefield


Exalted Above The Battlefield



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