Diary of A.S.E. Entry #2

Well, hello again! I'm so excited to be sharing my thoughts with you and actually getting a response! This seems to be the beginning of a lovely courtship. I look forward to growing with you and thank you for all of your love and support.

My heart is not troubled but does weigh down on me a little for my people's lack of knowledge. I know we all are very well aware of the current civil war waged on the injustice shown by law enforcement officers. My thoughts on this issue, however, may in fact differ from many of yours.

You see, racism, discrimination, murder, rape, theft, slavery, and any other evil on this earth derives from ONE source. It comes from an "evil in heavenly places" as the Bible would tell us. My question, then, is why would we attempt to rise against "evil in heavenly places" with "weapons from earthly places"? Our signs, our destruction, our riots, and peaceful protests all gain 'attention', but is attention what we really want or need?

My look on it is that we've had the 'attention' of evil-doers for centries! Notice consumer ads, choice businesses in targeted communities, and the infamous welfare programs available. If we didn't have their attention, none of this would exist. In fact, racial profiling and discrimination wouldn't exist without their 'attention', would it?

This has never been a war between brown people vs police, white vs brown, natives vs settlers, trump vs America, heterosexual vs homosexual, men vs women, babyboomers vs millennials, pregnant mothers vs aborted children, thick women vs skinny women, democrat vs republican, America vs Isis, Americans vs Mexicans, Popes vs. molested boys, Nuns vs. molested girls, or even single Daisy down the street vs married Mary with the man Daisy wants.

What's needed is CHANGE, not attention. How do we do that? Well, we start by paying attention to the puppet master instead of the puppets, the substance instead of the willing vessels. The adversary has MANY willing vessels, but how many does God actually have? If you want to DEFEAT what we're really battling (evil from heavenly places), you must implore (soldiers from heavenly places). The very spirit of God is what we need to defeat the enemy. It's the ONLY match for what we're up against.

I don't know, maybe it's just me. But I'm worn out from the taxing cycle of a redundant history. My opinion? A little of Martin Luther King, Jr...A little of Malcom X...More of Moses...More of Elijah...A whole lot of Enoch...A whole lot of Samuel...All of Christ...All of The Holy Spirit...and as much of God, Himself, as each of our individual vessels can handle will INDEED, end our war.

We're in the court of life, on the field of free will, in the war of spirit and I want the ULTIMATE WIN.

Your thoughts? What would you say we need to WIN THE WAR(s) of these times?

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