Meet Me On The Battlefield book #1 of ASE's Battle Memoir Series. In this 1st book, ASE allows us to navigate her upbringing, from her birth to her high school graduation, through the eyes and voice of her younger self. ASE has decided to share her compelling testament of various battles and her journey of faith by creating a memoir series that allows readers to travel through her mind, her heart, and the depths of her soul. This voyage of detailed and revealing testimony includes accounts of her personal life and personal deaths, some of which even her closest relatives have never known. Prepare to embark on an experience that will change your life…FOREVER.


The wait is over. Battle Series is here! Captivating and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

Author Sharie S.


Revolutionary in the extreme, Meet Me On The Battlefield is a definite page-flipper.

Editor Lakreisha Williams

This anointed scribe of art is about to impact the world in a mighty way! Amazing read!

Author Deidra Bynum

 Comming Soon...


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